I’ve tried losing weight many times over my life. I’ve been on diet plans that get you to limit the amount of calories that you eat, and I’ve had some success with them for a short time, but as soon as I would end the diet my body would gain the weight back and then add a few pounds for good measure (I guess it thought it was starving, so you have to give it some credit).

I’ve also been a big sugar addict most of my life. When I was a little girl, I would be the kid that would keep going back for more birthday cake, you know, the kind from the supermarket with the super-sugary white icing. I also would go through phases where I would only eat “white” things. White rice, white pasta (no sauce), pizza crusts without the topping, etc.

Fortunately, I started to learn about sugar and its negative effects on the body. It’s addictive. It can alter your mood. (Read “Potatoes not Prozac” by Kathleen DesMaisons to learn how sugar plays a role in depression.) And can cause you to gain weight.

My mom was in the supermarket one day and found a magazine with the headline “turn off your fat storing hormone”. She had been on well-respected diet plans before and had trouble losing any weight at all – she would follow the plans to the letter and not cheat at all, and still wouldn’t lose weight (while her friends, who cheated a bit, dropped weight off like crazy).

One thing led to another and we both started a program called Somersizing by Suzanne Somers. (Yes, that’s the ThighMaster lady …) We kind of cringed at the idea of following a celebrity diet, but the theories about keeping your blood sugar levels low made sense. It’s similar in theory to some of the low-carb diets out there in that you manage your blood sugar levels, but it’s not a low-carb diet itself, since you can eat all the healthy carbs that you want.  We could either eat a meal with protein and fat but no carbs, or to eat a whole-grain carb meal with no protein and fat.

Thinking it was too good to be true, we tried it. It was a lot of work to read ingredients and look for hidden sugars in products, and we had to do a lot of learning. After about 2 weeks of eliminating sugar and starchy things (white rice, white bread etc.) from my diet, I lost my sugar cravings. Yes, the kid who used to eat icing straight out of the bowl would look at cake and think “yuck, that looks gross”. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a change that is!

I stuck with it. I lost 40 pounds, and it took me the better part of a year to do it. I never once paid attention to my portion size, and I ate lots of really good food. And I did manage to sneak quite a few treats in there.

When I got to my goal weight (I dropped from size 16 to a 6) I eased off on the eating plan, still staying away from most sugars and refined carbohydrates, but allowing myself more room to combine fat and carbs. And the weight stayed off for a couple of years.

It was great to have lost weight. I treated myself to buying nice clothes that I never felt comfortable in when I was heavier. I had more confidence. I dated more. In fact, I ended up meeting the love of my life, and we soon got started on a family.

Ah, pregnancy.

Ah, morning sickness.

When I was pregnant, I couldn’t stomach anything other than simple carbs, and white things! Even whole-wheat saltines made me gag. Meat? Vegetables? Couldn’t get them down. I needed to suck on candies to get through the day without vomiting, and I didn’t want to load up on artificial sweeteners. I was in trouble. Add to the fact that when you are pregnant you are supposed to gain weight, 9 months later I found myself with a beautiful baby boy and 40 extra pounds. I was right back where I started the first time I lost weight! #@&^^!

Now, if you’ve never had a newborn, you may not understand that your life goes in to a crazy sleep-deprived tailspin when you come home with a new baby. Think I had time to cook myself healthy meals? Ha, I didn’t have time to shower, and had to wait for daddy to come home so I could pee. I’m just saying that weight loss was not my top priority right after the baby was born.

Now he is coming up to 8 months old, and I am getting a regular shower every morning, and even getting a bit of sleep at night. And I am going to lose those 40 pounds again. On the bright side, if I didn’t gain this weight, then I probably wouldn’t be creating this website with these recipes, and you wouldn’t be reading it now.

If you want to give this eating plan a try, and don’t find that this site has enough of the details for you, I would recommend checking out Suzanne Somers first few books on Somersizing. The main difference between her plan and what I do is that I allow myself to combing low-fat protein and carbs, where she breaks meals down in to protein and fat OR carbs.  She also changed all the rules of her diet plan around, starting with the book Sexy Forever, and started to promote things that she had previously banned (like fruit juice, it was not allowed on her original plan. She now has a line of vitamin-rich juices on her website.)  I followed “old” Somersizing, and that is the closest thing to the diet on this website.

Anyways, I hope you find some of these recipes enjoyable. If there is one thing that I’ve learned from my journey, it is that sugar is really pretty nasty. For me, it causes depression and weight gain, and those are two things I can really live without!