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sodastreamThe makers of sodastream have come out with some great sugar-free sodas that are suitable for a low-carb diet, and best of all, have no aspartame!  In case you don’t know, a soda stream machine makes carbonated water at home, and then you add  flavourings to the carbonated water. It’s do-it-yourself soda.

My husband got me a sodastream for my birthday last year, and at first I wasn’t that excited.  Another kitchen gadget, I thought, and cringed at the pressurized CO2 canisters I’d need to buy, and then recycle somehow.

Well, I was wrong. One of the best things about our sodastream is that we cut back on the amount of cans and bottles we have to recycle. It takes a lot of energy to move and melt cans and bottles, so it’s better just to reuse a container if you can.  (And if you don’t use cans and bottles, then you don’t have to store them until you  take them  down to the bottle depot. You know, that’s the same day you organize your closets, alphabetize your filing cabinet, and clean out the back of your freezer. Just sayin’.)

As for the CO2 canisters, there is a fantastic exchange program for them. Places that sell sodastream will take your empty canister and give you a substantial discount on a new one.  Then, the folks at sodastream refill the canister and sell it again. That’s right, it’s refilled, not shipped off and melted down.

The cost of sodastream is pretty reasonable, even though the price of the CO2 canisters may make you wince a little. One day, when my inner nerd made an appearance, I calculated the cost of sodastream compared to the cost of buying cans of soda. I came to the conclusion that sodastream costs about the same as a really good sale on canned soda. You’re not going to save a huge amount of money by using sodastream, but you’ll save on recycling, and benefit from the convenience of being able to make it at home.

Ok, so that’s how I justified being happy that my husband bought me a sodastream.

But most of all I love it because I can have a sugar-free drink with no aspartame. (Check the labels yourself, of course.)

My favourite flavours are:

  • Diet root beer
  • Diet cola
  • Diet ginger ale

I hope you get a chance to check it out if you want a low-carb and sugar-free soda that has no aspartame. And if you aren’t ready to shell out for the whole system,  you could buy the sugar-free syrup and use it with purchased carbonated water.



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