Edamame salad with sesame

Sesame edamame salad

This simple edamame salad combines soy beans with freshly-toasted sesame seeds and crunchy grated carrots, creating a salad that’s a hit at any summer barbecue or pot luck. The secret ingredient in this salad is freshly toasted sesame seeds — toasting raw sesame seeds brings out their natural oils and you end up with an aromatic and fresh result that…

Low-carb mocha cheesecake cups

Low-carb mocha cheesecake cups

This version of mocha cheesecake is low carb and tastes divine. By baking the cheesecake in custard cups, you eliminate the crust and all the carbs that go with it. Cooking the cups in a hot water bath results in cheesecake that is creamy throughout.  If you like this recipe, you might want to try…

Sugar-free non-fat whole wheat bread pudding

Whole wheat bread pudding

If you need a healthy slow-carb fix, try this whole wheat bread pudding recipe. It’s low in fat and sugar and contains plenty of whole grains.If you want more of a treat, you can add a handful of raisins (this adds a bit of sugar) or use whole eggs instead of egg whites (this adds…

Cauliflower Pureé

Mashed cauliflower (low carb version)

Use cauliflower instead of potatoes for this low-carb and low-calorie comfort food. Adjust this recipe to follow your favourite mashed potato recipe, or follow my suggestions below. (Just substitute puréed cauliflower for potatoes and you can’t go wrong.) You’ll need a hand blender or food processor to make the purée. (I use a baby food…

Sugar-free hot chocolate

Sugar-free hot chocolate

This home-made sugar-free hot chocolate recipe is a great treat on a cold day. For the low-fat version, omit the optional chocolate square and use non-fat milk. Ingredients 1 Tbsp cocoa 1 Tbsp Splenda or stevia to equal 1 Tbsp sugar ⅛ tsp cinnamon 2 Tbsp nonfat milk or soy milk ⅛ tsp vanilla 1…

Whole wheat toast and Marmite

Toast and Marmite

Marmite is the sludge left over from making beer, and it is a really popular food in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. You might be wondering why I would actually write a recipe for Marmite on toast. Perhaps it is too simple to be a recipe, perhaps the thought of Marmite makes you gag….

Virgin bloody Mary

Virgin bloody Mary

A virgin bloody Mary is a spicy sugar-free drink that is great at a summer BBQ or as a nice treat for a low-sugar diet. (Add a jigger of vodka to make the grown-up version, but be aware that alcohol adds carbs… and poor judgement.)Make sure to use tomato juice that doesn’t have any added…

Roasted asparagus

Roasted asparagus

Roasted asparagus is a great alternative to steamed asparagus, and it’s really easy to make. The roasting process brings out the flavours of the asparagus and crisps up the tips. It makes a tasty low-carb vegetable side dish. Ingredients 1 bunch asparagus (approximately 20 pieces) 1 Tbsp olive oil Salt and pepper Directions Preheat an…

Non-fat cinnamon yogurt spread

Nonfat cinnamon yogurt spread

A nonfat, sugar-free spread for toast and bagels – feel free to load up on it! Ingredients 1 recipe yogurt cheese or 1 tub nonfat Greek yogurt 2 tsps cinnamon 2 Tbsps Splenda, or stevia to equal 2 Tbsps sugar Directions Mix the yogurt cheese, cinnamon and sweetener together. Use the measurements listed above, or…

Non-fat yogurt cheese

Nonfat Greek yogurt (yogurt cheese)

This thickened yogurt (Greek yogurt) is a tangy spread that you can use in place of sour cream or spreadable cream cheese (which often has added starchy thickeners). It’s great on toast, or use a dollop in soups and stews. Make sure to use a natural yogurt that doesn’t have any added starches or thickening…