2-week Greed Salad

Grab-and-go Greek salad

Greek salad is one of my favourite low-carb salads, but I never used to make them because they didn’t last well in the fridge. Thankfully, I discovered this method of preparing Greek salad that allows me to do the the lion’s share prep work ahead of time, and then spend a few seconds throwing it together when I want a…

Low carb beef stew for the slow cooker

Low carb slow cooker beef stew

Low carb beef stew is a godsend for busy people on a low carb or keto diet. You can prep it ahead of time, and then just pop it in the slow cooker before you head to work.  And when you get home – instant dinner! Slow cooking makes the beef in this recipe melt-in-your-mouth…

Kale chips

Kale chips

Kale is ridiculously good for you, but it’s hard to cook it well. Boiled kale often turns out chewy and tough. Instead of boiling kale leaves, make kale chips and then see if you can stop eating them! Try kale chips instead of popcorn next time you sit down to a movie. Print Kale Chips…

Sesame broccoli

Sesame broccoli

Print Sesame broccoli Prep Time 5 mins Cook Time 10 mins Total Time 15 mins   Dressing up broccoli with sesame and soy only takes a few minutes and makes it taste great. The secret is to toast your own sesame seeds – it’s fast and easy and they taste amazing. Course: Side Dish Cuisine:…

Sugar-free slow cooker steel-cut oatmeal

Slow cooker apple cinnamon steel cut oats

Start the slow cooker before you go to bed and wake up to a bowl of hot apple-cinnamon steel cut oats and the smell of cinnamon wafting through the house. This is one of my favourite breakfasts on cold winter days when I don’t have time to cook a big breakfast in the morning.  Just chop…

3-ingredient Parmesan Chicken

3-ingredient Parmesan chicken

This low carb Parmesan chicken recipe is so simple and so delicious that you almost feel guilty you didn’t put more effort in to it! With only three main ingredients you’ll find that it’s a great last-minute meal when you don’t want to do a big shop.  Keep mayo and shredded Parmesan stocked in the…

Roasted Brussels sprouts

Roasted Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts – you either love them or you hate them. But have you ever tried them roasted? We are addicted to these in our family. They are nothing like the boiled mushy balls of cabbage you’re used to – salty and sweet with slightly crisp edges, these bad boys are hard to stop eating….

Low-carb meatloaf

Low carb meatloaf

You can make a good low carb meatloaf without adding breadcrumbs – this version contains no carbs except for a few green vegetables. This recipe makes 2 loaves (one for dinner and one for the freezer). You can cut the recipe in half, but I find that the ingredients are easier to find in double-batch…

Chicken breasts with crispy sage

Low carb chicken breasts with crispy sage

This is one of my all-time favourite low carb chicken recipes. You take fresh sage leaves and crisp them up as they infuse into a buttery sauce. You end up with a chicken breast smothered a buttery sage sauce and topped with addictively crunchy sage leaves. This recipe is really all about the sauce –…

Low-carb lemon cheesecake cups

Low carb lemon cheesecake cups

One of the biggest challenges of creating a low carb cheesecake is finding a good way to make a low carb crust. The obvious solution is simple – just don’t use a crust! By baking the cheesecake these custard cups, you can skip the crust altogether and I am sure that you won’t miss it. Use…