Whole-grain low-fat toaster pancakes

Toaster pancakes (low fat, low sugar, and whole grain)

Make up a big batch of these low-fat, whole-grain snacks, and then take them to work with you and reheat them in the toaster! These hearty pancakes use whole wheat and ground oats and make a great low-sugar low-fat snack.The secret to the texture of these pancakes is to use ground-up rolled oats mixed with…

Whole wheat toast and Marmite

Toast and Marmite

Marmite is the sludge left over from making beer, and it is a really popular food in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. You might be wondering why I would actually write a recipe for Marmite on toast. Perhaps it is too simple to be a recipe, perhaps the thought of Marmite makes you gag….

Non-fat cinnamon yogurt spread

Nonfat cinnamon yogurt spread

A nonfat, sugar-free spread for toast and bagels – feel free to load up on it! Ingredients 1 recipe yogurt cheese or 1 tub nonfat Greek yogurt 2 tsps cinnamon 2 Tbsps Splenda, or stevia to equal 2 Tbsps sugar Directions Mix the yogurt cheese, cinnamon and sweetener together. Use the measurements listed above, or…

Sugar-free slow cooker steel-cut oatmeal

Slow cooker apple cinnamon oatmeal

Assemble this oatmeal recipe before bed and wake up to the smell of cinnamon wafting through the house. You need to use a slow-cooker for this recipe and hunt down steel-cut oats, but it’s worth the trouble. Steel-cut oats are the original oat groat that is sliced into several pieces instead of rolled. They aren’t…