Sugar-free sodastream (no aspartame)

The makers of sodastream have come out with some great sugar-free sodas that are suitable for a low-carb diet, and best of all, are sweetened with Splenda instead of aspartame!  In case you don’t know, a sodastream machine makes carbonated water, to which you then add concentrated syrup to make soda.

My husband got me a sodastream for my birthday last year, and at first I wasn’t that excited.  Another kitchen gadget, I thought, and cringed at the thought of the gas canisters I’d need to buy and then recycle. It turns out that they make it easy for you – places that sell the gas canisters take them back and give you a discount on a new one. Then, the folks at sodastream refill the canister and sell it again. (That’s right, it’s refilled, not recycled, so it’s not shipped off and melted down.)

I found that once we started using a sodastream we really cut down on the amount of cans and bottles we had to store and then recycle. The water comes from the tap and the concentrated syrup doesn’t take much room to store, so it really reduced the amount of clutter in our house. We also never ran out of soda, since we kept a spare bottle of it in the cupboard.

One thing to watch out for is that the soda might not be that cold when you first make it, depending on how cold your tap water is. You can get around this by keeping the syrup and a spare bottle of water in the fridge. Starting off with cold ingredients makes for colder soda.

I hope you get a chance to check out a sodastream. If you do, try some of my favourite sugar-free flavors:

  • Diet root beer
  • Diet cola
  • Diet ginger ale